I have traveled all over the world to study and photograph humpback – Antarctica, Magellan Straits and New Zealand to name but a few. However, none of these locations have compared to the experience I had onboard Iceberg Quest’s whale watching boat “Cetacean Quest”. Sailing out of the Narrows we were presented with an amazing

Hopping on board the M.V. Cetacean Quest, one of Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours vessels became one of the most amazing travel experiences in my life! We encountered a pod of killer whales during the tour and Captain Barry Rogers and his crew made sure we experienced the moment to the fullest! Iceberg Ocean Quest Tours

I would be pleased to recommend Barry Rogers and his boat the MV Iceberg Quest, which we used during natural history filming work for our recent BBC documentary program “The iceberg that sank the titanic”. Barry and his crew were hardworking, friendly, and contentious in all their attempts to accommodate our needs. They certainly went

After paying our nominal boat fare, we climbed aboard the M.V. Iceberg Quest and met our fellow passengers and crew before shoving off. Iceberg Quest is a very comfortable 42-foot sightseeing boat with a flying bridge capable of holding 15 people. Below the flying bridge is a large cabin to get out of the weather