Memories from our cruise

After paying our nominal boat fare, we climbed aboard the M.V. Iceberg Quest and met our fellow passengers and crew before shoving off.

Iceberg Quest is a very comfortable 42-foot sightseeing boat with a flying bridge capable of holding 15 people. Below the flying bridge is a large cabin to get out of the weather if necessary, to use the washroom, to get a cup of complimentary tea or a piece of cake, or to just chat with the extremely friendly and warm-hearted skipper. Skipper Barry and crewman Bruce took very good care of us as we cruised along the rocky shoreline, explored interesting coves, circled around bird islands, pursued whales out in the open water, and entered coves where the picturesque “stages” and “flakes” from an exciting cod fishing era of the past are slowly deteriorating from neglect and lack of use.

As luck would have it, we only saw one or maybe two minke whales but that’s the luck of the draw on any given day. However, the views of everything else more than made up for it with the beautiful islands, Long Point Lighthouse high on a steep bluff, the mist that played on the distant islands making them look as though they were draped in white veils, the seagull chicks following mama around, and the picturesque beauty along the shoreline of each passing cove. We even cruised through one scenic cove where a woman came out on the dock to wave at us and we all waved back at her … it was skipper Barry’s mother. How neat! All throughout the cruise we were also entertained by piped-in traditional Newfoundland music and interesting banter by the skipper.

A light shower politely waited until we were returning to the dock after our delightful 2.5-hour cruise.

We look forward to our return to Twillingate to take in all the beautiful scenery and to renew the warm rapport that we developed with the crew and staff of the Iceberg Quest.

By: Steve & Donna Bufty

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