Over the past number of years, everyone here at Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours has taken pride in being one element of the driving force that is making Newfoundland and Labrador a world class tourism destination. Attracting visitors from across the globe, Newfoundland has given us the perfect backdrop to create an awe inspiring, memorable experience

The icebergs have arrived in Twillingate. While normally they appear earlier in the year, this summer they are fashionably late. Mid-summer guests are pleasantly surprised when arriving in the outport community! Iceberg Quest has been spotting the ‘bergs on every trip. For an ice cool adventure in the middle of Newfoundland’s hot summer, there’s no

An experience to remember…From the moment that we left the wharf it was one thrill after another. Firstly, the amazement of the coastline dotted with crayon coloured houses and lofty hill tops; not to mention the Historic and majestic Cabot Tower looming over the top of Signal Hill. Once through the Narrows, it was the

I saw over 10 whales, and the Captain drove so close to the whales, that I got splashed on by one of them! The crew is friendly & knowledgeable. And what a ride it lasted over 2 hours! A tip from the Captain: wave at the whales & make sounds because that will attract the

We have done this tour every time we visit Twillingate and it is never disappointing. I would recommend this tour — the staff are fantastic! Some of my photos are posted in the photo gallery.

What a memorable experience! The crew of Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours were a pleasure to sail with! We filled a boat with CHF Canada Members who were down to St. John’s for a nationwide conference! It was the first time most of us had ever seen a whale that wasn’t in captivity! The sights, sounds,

2 hour ocean tour 2 nights accommodation in Gander 2 tickets to Dinner Theatre Click here for more info

Two hour boat tour Dinner & wine at Georgie’s @ The Anchor Winery Tour $165 per couple

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most spectacular whale watching places in the world. 22 species of whales, including the minke, sperm, pothead, blue, orca, and the world’s largest population of humpbacks, feed on capelin, krill and squid along the coast. Between May and September, these whales can be seen breaching the surface of