Iceberg Quest receives eTourism Award for Best User Generated Content at Online Revealed

Iceberg Quest eTourism Award

On March 6th Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours received the Canadian eTourism Award for Best User Generated Content at the Online Revealed Canada awards gala in Toronto.

Iceberg Quest was recognized by the dedication and engagement of our online community during our 25 Day Christmas Countdown campaign. Thousands of followers took part in this social media campaign, leaving comments, personal stories of childhood memories, and expressed longing to return home for the Christmas season. The campaign was shared and spread among the community, achieving a global online reach. It was through the sharing of your photos, videos, and stories that Iceberg Quest was recognized for this award.

In addition, Iceberg Quest placed second runner up in the category of Best Website. The website , developed by John Atkins & Co., positioned Iceberg Quest between two heavyweights in the industry, Tourism and Parks New Brunswick, and Tourism Vancouver. Our strategy of following in the shadow of Newfoundland Tourism is clear indication that individual operators can set and meet the high standards of the tourism industry.

The online platforms recognized by these awards were built and implemented for the benefit of the public. The crew of Iceberg Quest would like to extend a warm thank you to all those who participated and shared their voice in our campaign and other online forums.






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