Whale watchers off Newfoundland call them Mutt and Jeff, and for two seasons now, this rare pair of humpback whales of remarkably similar size, behaviour and friendliness has left locals and tourists awestruck. “They’re just as much people watching as we are whale watching,” said Steve Lake, a crew member for Iceberg/Cetacean Quest Ocean Tours

On July 16, 2011 my husband and I went out with Iceberg Quest to see – what else – but Icebergs!  It was a wonderful experience, we were not disappointed!  We went out about 4 miles on the ocean and we could see four of them in the distance.  The Skipper took us close to

  What a fantastic day for the Cox @ Palmer whale & bird watching tour with Iceberg Quest from St. John’s Harbour. Arthur O’Brien of the Navigators played live onboard the MV Cetacean Quest en route to Petty Harbour. They headed off to Chafe’s Landing for some more live music and a feed of the