Meet Our Crew
BarryCarol Anne

Iceberg Quest, a family operated business, has an obsession for sharing Newfoundland’s charm and a knack for delivering superior customer service. Our crew are more than just able-bodied hands

—they are ambassadors of the ocean and true citizens of the deep blue yonder. Their hospitality, expertise and attentiveness keep our ships sailing smoothly. Together they form a team that works hard to provide the absolute safest and most enjoyable oceanic experience for every single passenger.

Captain Barry Rogers has been on the sea his entire life. Descended from a long line of fishermen and seamen, he grew up to love and respect the ocean. Twillingate Island made him the man he is today: honest, conscientious, friendly, and above all a true Newfoundlander. As Captain of the MV Cetacean Quest and President of Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours, your entire experience has been crafted by a man who wants nothing more than to share the ocean and culture he loves so much with you.

Carol Anne Hayes has also dedicated her life to sharing our beautiful home with the world. She has worked meticulously to ensure that your trip is nothing short of astounding. Nearly all inquiries are handled by this enthusiastic woman, whether your group numbers one or dozens. The same care and consideration goes to each guest, and she ensures that the customer service is equal to the amazing icebergs and whales. For Carol Anne, each guest is a person who will experience memories that will last a lifetime during our culturally immersive and adventurous tours.

Safety First

We look forward to showcasing all the natural beauty this province has to offer, but your safety is always our top priority…