Newfoundland Birds

Newfoundland and Labrador offers some of the best seabird watching on the Atlantic ocean. Our province is home to dozens of seabirds and 95% of the worlds breeding pairs of Atlantic Puffin. Other common species include gannets, shearwaters, and murres.

The Atlantic Puffin is our provincial icon and isAtlantic Puffin one of the popular sights on our tours. Its thick and colourful bill and stout stature easily identifies the Puffin. We call these wonderful creature the “clown bird” as it is as clumsy on land as it is graceful in the sky and on the water.

The Northern Gannet breeds in colonies that number in thousands of individuals across the island of Newfoundland. Birdwatchers can identify this species by their white plummage with black wing tips and distinctive very light blue and black bill. If you have a good lens, you may capture their striking blue-rimmed eyes!

Many species of shearwaters can be foundaround Newfoundland, and are long-distance migratory birds with some species ranging the length of the Americas! Also, the Manx Shearwater,


which can be found in Newfoundland, is currently the record-holder for longest lived bird — one bird was caught and estimated to be over 50 years old.

Murres are the champion divers of Newfoundland. This fast bird looks dives from great heights in search of food. They can dive over 200 feet underwater!