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We’re thrilled to be featured in WestJet Magazine’s guide on How to Experience Iceberg Season in Newfoundland!

The Toronto Star Talks Icebergs!

The Toronto Star took some time to chat with Skipper Rogers on the early arrival of icebergs this season!

Vogue Magazine Discovers Iceberg Alley

“Newfoundland’s offerings are unique and varied—from the icebergs as big as cities that float down Iceberg Alley every spring to locals with accents as thick as the prizewinning chowder.”

Expedia’s “Best Places to Experience Spring in Canada!”

  “Bring your Instagram game, ‘cause you’re gonna need it.” Iceberg Alley lands on Expedia’s “Best Places to Experience Spring in Canada!” We’ve been navigating Iceberg Alley for the past 15 years! Visit Iceberg Quest in scenic Twillingate, Newfoundland and let us get you up close and personal.

The Sun Finds Itself in Newfoundland!

Check out this experiential piece by Matt Quinton for The Sun! He stepped aboard an Iceberg Quest tour and called it “a genuine one-off experience, with our knowledgeable captain narrating the hour-long journey while a live band filled the gaps with sea shanties.” Click here to read more.

Travel Yourself Sees Icebergs in Newfoundland!

Seeing Icebergs in Newfoundland is one of the “coolest” things that I have ever experienced. The more you see them and the more you learn about them, and the cooler they become as they melt that is… My experience seeing them in Twillingate last summer almost convinced me to move there to work as an Iceberg Tour Guide just so I could see them every day and it is something that I am still contemplating doing at some point in my life.

Inseparable whales delight whale watchers off Newfoundland

Whale watchers off Newfoundland call them Mutt and Jeff, and for two seasons now, this rare pair of humpback whales of remarkably similar size, behaviour and friendliness has left locals and tourists awestruck. “They’re just as much people watching as we are whale watching,” said Steve Lake, a crew member for Iceberg/Cetacean Quest Ocean Tours

Newfoundland iceberg tours offer a prehistoric taste of the last ice age

Prehistoric Greenland icebergs have been gracing the rugged coastlines of Newfoundland and Labrador in quite an unusual way this season. The astonishing appearance of these early icebergs has captured attention from people across the province, the nation and beyond. This past week, Sue Bailey with the Canadian Press joined the Iceberg Quest crew aboard the

Chasing icebergs in St. John’s is a very cool thing (yeah, sorry about that)

The St. John’s iceberg season is in full swing! The city is bustling with activity after a long winter hibernation and we are beginning to see the first signs of the tourist season. Cruise ships, vacationers, sightseers and travel writers have been making their way to St. John’s, NL to avail of the great experiences we have to

HNL Tourism Business of the Year Award 2012

Iceberg Quest has been received an abundance of recognitions and nominations over the past twelve months. It’s been a busy year but the hard work has paid off. During the Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador 2012 Annual Conference, Iceberg Quest was awarded the Tourism Business of the Year. As dedicated attendees to the event, the crew

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