Ahoy Calgary!

The Skipper & His Girl Take on Calgary!

Ahoy Calgary!
We’ve Experienced Your Beauty, It’s Time To Experience Ours!

Calgary. What can we say? The Skipper and his Girl traveled West recently to spread the word about Iceberg Quest and they fell in love. Your sophisticated city balances the modern and the traditional with pioneer charm. Sunshine (the sunniest city in Canada!), Adventure (Canada’s fastest zipline!) and Heritage (Canada’s largest living historical village!), you seem to have it all.

Peace Bridge

Calgary Peace Bridge


We toured your bustling downtown streets with our talented, gracious tour guide, Neil Zeller and photographer Chris Amat who toured with Iceberg Quest in Newfoundland in 2015 (small world!). Neil & Chris are fantastic people, talented photographers & down right salt of the earth – Calgary hospitality at it’s finest.

The Bow

Public Art at The Bow


As we explored your beautiful city, we were struck with the desire to invite you to experience our home! Newfoundland, like Calgary, is unique in its beauty. Rugged yet sophisticated, you’ll discover everything from breaching whales to national award-winning fine dining. A city on the edge, we’re colourful, adventurous and ready to show you the time of your life!

St. John's, Newfoundland

St. John’s, Newfoundland. Photo by Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism.

A trip to Newfoundland simply isn’t complete without spending a day on the water. Join us on our award winning boat tour, located in the heart of downtown St. John’s. You can literally step outside your hotel and step aboard in ten minutes or less. More than just a boat tour, a two hour trip aboard our brand new vessel, the Capo de Espera, is an experience. Breathe in the fresh ocean air as we set sail through The Narrows. Feast your eyes on a glittering parade of majestic icebergs carved from the glaciers of Greenland. Witness the mighty humpback whale playfully thrusts itself out of the water in a full breach, its 40 tonne mass crashing back into the ocean in an explosion of spray. Bask in our National Geographic coastlines as our Captain regales you with the history and culture of our people. Dance a jig to a Newfoundland shanty. Fall in love all over again.

Iceberg Arch


Captured by Chris Amat while touring with Iceberg Quest on 2015

Inspired yet? Good! Residents of Calgary, we invite you to experience our beauty for yourself. Book a tour with Iceberg Quest and use the coupon code IQLOVESYYC for a special discount. We’ve experienced the wonder that is Calgary, now it’s your turn to experience ours. See you on the next tide!

Full breach off bow

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