Winter Iceberg Hunting in Newfoundland!

Iceberg Arch

Every spring, a sparkling parade of 10,000 year-old ice makes it’s journey from Greenland to the shores of Newfoundland. This year, the ice has come early! Residents have been spotting these giant beauties all over the province, from the colourful capital of St. John’s, all the way to scenic Elliston. Does it mean we’re in for a bumper berg season? Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think!

Trinty ecotours

This beauty was captured TODAY (March 7) by Trinity Eco Tours!

Jim Fitzgerald

Photographer Jim Fitzgerald spotted this massive iceberg just north of St. John’s last week!

Chris Andrews

“In my 43 yrs here I don’t recall ever seeing a iceberg in Logy Bay in Feb. There’s a massive one offshore this morn!”- Chris Andrews

Took this one from Middle Cove - Logy Bay alick

Photographer Alick Tsui was able to capture this berg in Middle Cove – she’s a beauty!

Crystal Fudge cape bonavista

Crystal Fudge snapped this beauty drifting past Cape Bonavista on February 11th!

Absolutely stunning! Vanessa Cantwell shared this shot from Cape Bonavista.

Absolutely stunning! Vanessa Cantwell shared this shot from Cape Bonavista.

Eric Abbott

How about this giant berg, also taken in Bonavista. Eric Abbott shared this shot on Valentine’s Day.

Frank Johnson Elliston

Look at the size of that berg! She was photographed in Elliston by Frank Johnson on the 12th of February.

Eric Abbott

Another Elliston shot, this time at sunset. Photo by Eric Abbott.

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