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St. John’s | Pier 6 | 135 Harbour Drive

Join Newfoundland’s award winning boat tour on an ocean adventure departing from North America’s oldest city. From the hill-hugging houses of the Battery to the dawn of modern communication at Signal Hill, St. John’s Harbour is as historic as it is scenic.
As the M.V. Cetacean Quest sails through “The Narrows,” en route to Cape Spear, North America’s most easterly point, the vast Atlantic Ocean will open before you and the brilliance of its sweeping sea cliffs will leave you awestruck. Carved by both glacial activity and thrashing waves, they represent the natural beauty of the province and the strength of its people.
Experience the wonder on an adventure that skirts the edge of the earth in search of 12,000 year old icebergs, the majestic humpback whales, and the iconic Atlantic Puffin. The ocean outside St. John’s harbour is home to one of the largest concentrations of humpbacks that visit year after year. Upon your return to the pier, with a hearty handshake goodbye, you will marvel at the experience you had, and the friends you made!

Tour Information

Twillingate | Pier 52 | 52 Main Street

Join Newfoundland’s award winning boat tour in Twillingate, “Iceberg Capital of the World”! There is no better place on earth to view 10,000 year old icebergs up close and personal. Every year they arrive from the high arctic during late spring and early summer. These frozen monoliths tower above the water, featuring eye-twisting ice formations carved by the warmer Newfoundland waters. Their casual meandering southward sets the pace for this cozy outport.


As the annual iceberg arrival moves into the Atlantic Ocean, the humpback whales come to play with their newly born calves and feed themselves after a long journey northward. They are part of the world’s largest population of humpbacks that return year after year to the nutrient rich waters of our province.


On land, Twillingate is truly a world to itself, where the heart of traditional Newfoundland culture still beats strong. Here your modern worries drift away as you settle into your home away from home on the edge of the North Atlantic.


Our two-hour tour will enlighten and entertain as it sets sails in search of icebergs and whales on a true Newfoundland cultural adventure.

Twillingate Attractions:

Prime Berth Fishing Museum
Auk Island Winery
Hiking and walking trails
Twillingate Gallery on site
Twillingate and Durrell Museums
Historic St. Peter’s Church
Annual Fish, Fun & Folk Festival
Long Point Lighthouse
Ted Stuckless Fine Arts and Driftwood Gallery
Beothuk Interpretation Centre in Boyd’s Cove